Fanon PolicyEdit

Policy is important for this wikia to make sure you are not doing anything wrong in this wikia please follows the rules of the wikia.


All fanon must have a relation to the Baka and Test Universe if not immediate deletions will apply.

This wiki only applies for English. Any non-English pages will be assigned as inactive until English translation is provided.

A fanon must contain classification,genre and the writers name.

When writing about Yuri and Yaoi it must have a relation to Miharu and Kubo. We have a strict Yuri and Yaoi Policy in this wikia please follow the rules.

Photos must have a reason and location of the photo.

We have fanon standards for this wikia.

  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Connection to Baka and Test World

When writing a fanon article please quote. No explicit content, or too much course language.

Quality Edit

There is quality when making a fanon. If yours matches our standards it is high quality. If it is not and its Low Standard the fanon will be in need of editing.

Fanon Awards Edit

Coming Soon

Ratings Edit

Here in Baka and Test Fanon Wikia we have a ratings standard. These are the ratings available to our wikia.

G:General Rating.

PG-13:Parental Guidance we expect most fanon to have this rating.

M:Mature Audiences

Fanon ReviewingEdit

Since there is only one person right now. It will take time before your fanon is reviewed. To join the FRT please go to the Fanon Review Main Page.

OVA and One-ShotsEdit

This wiki allows OVA creation and One-Shots. Same rules apply