I am Avatar226 founder of this wikia. I am creating a construction team solely for the purpose of reconstructing the wikia. The construction team will be granted rollback to help clean the wikia and edit any mistakes.

Requirements to apply:

  • Must have at least experience in other wikia
  • Must not be banned
  • Must be worthy of the construction team
  • Must not be banned

All nominees must go and place their application here. Only 5 members(Does not include me) and 3 reserves will be in the team.

Creating pages are allowed for the construction team but it must solely be related to the wikia.

There are three stages in the project to cleaning this wikia.

Stage 1: Cleaning: Cleaning Fanon, fixing navigation, editing any unclean work

Stage 2: Recreate: Recreate or edit any policy, guidelines or tutorials in the wikia

Stage 3: Designs and Home Page Redesigning the homepage and using the theme designers. The use of theme designers will only be for me and the user who I grant admin to.

Reserves: There are three reserves for the team. The reserves take the place of the team for the day if one of the five members are inactive.

Days: The group must allocate the days for each stage. Each stage can only be a week and no more. If the week is over and stage is not complete the stage will be left behind and returned until all others are complete.

Awards: All members(including reserves) will have the chance of being a nominee for admin. Users will have a recognition in the wikia forever for helping recreating the wikia. Members will keep their rollback status.

There we go I hope everyone will have the chance to help me create this wikia.